In The U.S, 50 Percent Of All Directed Traffic Is From StumbleUpon

August 21, 2011 6:24 am

We had spotted some interesting stats on stumbleupon before. The pattern “StumbleUpon is bigger than anyone knows” continues:

“In early 2009, StumbleUpon was the clear leader in its ability to generate a lot of traffic to other websites through social sharing, accounting for 45.9 percent of all directed traffic. The next best was Myspace, at 16.5 percent.

A year later saw MySpace plummeting and the rapid rise of Facebook, which by this time last year dominated social sharing with 51.6 percent of directed traffic. Meanwhile, StumbleUpon had dipped and risen and dipped again, ending up at 27.4 percent in August 2010, amounting to just barely more than half of Facebook’s market share.

Remarkably, a year later, StumbleUpon has been totally resuscitated: the service now accounts for 50.3 percent of all sharing traffic. Facebook, on the other hand, has slipped down to 38.9 percent.

And everyone else? Twitter? reddit? YouTube? Myspace? Digg? Every single one of them is below five percent.”

Statistics Source: Vator

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