India Mobile Statistics: Monthly Average Revenue Per User – 2.46 USD

March 28, 2011 4:38 am

“Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) for GSM-Full Mobility service declined by 10.16%, from Rs 122 in QE Jun-10 to Rs 110 (2.46 USD) in QE Sep-10, with Y-O-Y decrease of 33.1%. ”

“ARPU for CDMA – full mobility service declined by 1.34%, from Rs 74 in QE Jun-10 to Rs 73 (1.63 USD) in QE Sep-10. ARPU for CDMA has declined by 17.5% on Y-O-Y basis. ”

One way to digest these stats is to look at how these numbers look totally different when you bring scale into the picture. You should remember that 50 percent of smartphones in India have no data connection. And India has just 44 Million smartphone subscribers. So there it is – the growth potential – with just four per cent of the total mobile subscribers being smartphone users, the country’s year-on-year growth in smartphones is pegged at 52 per cent, higher than China and the US. And then, you have about 20 million plus people with smartphones but no data connection.

When you are talking about a target mobile population of 625-700 million, suddenly the 2.46 USD ARPU doesn’t look that bad. And the case for building an app for the Indian market looks stronger as well.

Statistics Source: TRAI

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