India Smartphone Statistics: 50 Percent Have No Data Connection

February 10, 2013 7:23 am

India’s smartphone statistics continue to surprise us in many ways – we spotted this today, that 50 percent of smartphone users in India do not have a data connection, so the ‘smart’ components are not actually being used fully. (Source: Nielsen via NextBigWhat)

india smartphone statisticsWe had spotted some stats on mobile internet usage in India from Mary Meeker’s report – The Anomaly Called India – we actually need that stat to digest this one.

Imagine, mobile internet usage has exceeded desktop internet usage in India, with only 50 percent of smartphones using a data connection. We will soon see the desktop internet numbers become insignificant compared to mobile devices. Now this is a pattern that is peculiar to emerging countries – remember, India for instance skipped past the manufacturing phase to emerge into a services economy from an agriculture economy. This could be the next significant ‘skip’: just skip the desktop internet phase: affordable mobile devices suddenly change the landscape of accessibility and connectivity.

Mary Meeker was right in putting up a slide for India. What she missed was this particular stat, that all this was happening with no more than 50 percent with a data connection on their smartphone. And then, we have the whole smartphone ownership numbers that will go up with Samsung bringing in very capable and affordable smartphones. The next five to ten years would be exciting for mobile internet in India.

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