Instagram Statistics: Over 200 Million Photos, 50 Million In August Alone

September 2, 2011 10:34 pm

We have spotted some interesting stats on Instagram before – We spotted this today:

“Instagram is growing like crazy. In June, we noted when the service hit the 5 million user milestone, with 95 million photos uploaded. At the beginning of August, Instagram reached 150 million photos. And now the service has surpassed yet another milestone: 200 million photos.

Given that our last measurement was at the beginning of August, and the site is now well beyond 200M, that means that Instagram added some 50 million photos in August alone.”

Statistics Source: TC

How do we digest this number? Flickr has some 5 billion photos, and it took 7 years to get there. Flickr took 2 years to reach the 100 Million mark. Instagram is 10 months old.

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