Instagram’s Policy Changes: Just Move Everything To Your Pockets

December 18, 2012 8:48 am

This is an idea that has been floated before, most eloquently by Dave Winer (‘An open Twitter-like ecosystem’).

The basic human enthusiasm to “share” things is getting monetized in all ways possible, and now Instagram also wants to sell what we share.

The flaw is obvious – that the world took to these ‘centralized’ services to share things – Facebook to share everything, Twitter to share thoughts, Instagram to share photos. And these services are now the giants in the ecosystem, controlling access to the data like they own it, and establishing tollbooths at every possible stop.

With each one of us carrying a supercomputer in our pockets, is it not time, to just move everything to our smartphones, just pay some cloud provider for storage, and get some protocols help us share stuff?

We are happy to see Google make money out of our search ‘intent’ since they basically picked us our needle from a haystack, but Facebook making money for essentially providing storage and help me share stuff to people we already know – or, worse still, Instagram making money selling our photos, is something else.

Smartphone Web Servers? RSS? DNS? Whatever it is, it is time we moved all our stuff from these folks before they auction everything off. Let us do it. Quick!

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