Obama’s Jobs Plan: Interesting Statistics

September 11, 2011 2:23 am

We had spotted some interesting stats on Warren Buffet’s tax suggestions and Marc Andreessen’s thoughts on the Internet bubble. On the same lines as We spotted some interesting stats from Obama’s Jobs Plan:

“Tax cuts: $250 billion

Payroll tax rebate on first $5 million in payroll, which the president says will reach 98% of American companies, plus complete rebate for new hires or raises
Extending payroll tax cut
Extending 100% expensing of business investment
(A bunch of regulatory streamlining that is likely to have little effect and is bizarrely classed as a tax cut)
Tax credits for hiring unemployed veterans, particularly those with service-connected disabilities
$4,000 per worker for hiring workers who have been unemployed for more than six months

Infrastructure: about $100 billion

$50 billion for new infrastructure projects
$10 billion for an infrastructure bank
$15 billion to rehab vacant and foreclosed homes/businesses
Some undisclosed sum for getting high speed wireless to “98% of American”
$25 million to rehab schools

Direct assistance: About $100 billion (?)

Continuing the extension of unemployment benefits
Various retraining/wage support ideas that are supposed to help the structurally displaced to transition into new careers.
$35 billion for preserving/hiring teachers, cops and firefighters
Federal assistance in refinancing to current mortgage rates”

Statistics Source: The Atlantic

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  1. Nice capture of the Job Plan for quick reference…

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