iOS Device Statistics: Over 200 Million Sold, 25 Million iPads

June 7, 2011 5:44 am

We have always tracked the numbers on iOS devices with much interest: we have written about the one-click purchase base of Apple and some Apple sales facts. We spotted this today:

“Apple just confirmed during WWDC 2011 that it has sold 200 million iOS devices to date, including 25 million iPads. The iTunes store has also sold 15 billion songs and Apple has paid out over $2.5 billion to App Store developers. In addition, users have downloaded a total of 14 billion applications from the iTunes App Store — including 90,000 iPad apps — and 130 million downloads from the iBookstore.”

Thats a lot of numbers to digest. But we can give it a shot. 200 Million iOS devices and 25 Million iPads are the two easy numbers. One in eight iOS devices sold is an iPad. Thats easy. The iBookstore downloads has to be in the millions and not billions. Every iPad has an average of 5 iBooks downloaded. That explains the 130 million downloads stat. Knowing the iBookstore business model, this number sounds about ok. The surprising stat is the apps downloaded from the App store. We have written about app store statistics and mobile app statistics before. 14 billion apps downloaded from the Apple store!

Statistics Source: BGR

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