Is Concept Envy A Good Thing?

February 9, 2013 9:45 am

Invariably, after you start working on a project / startup, you will come across a different team executing on a different or related idea, which you will find very exciting. It is fine until that point, but trouble begins when you start comparing that idea with the one you are working on currently. It might be an apples to oranges comparison, but you still end up comparing the two. This kind of ‘concept envy’ has many positives and many more negatives. As long as it helps you improve what you are doing currently, it is a great thing. If you can leverage the best parts of that concept into what you are executing on. But generally speaking, there would still be that one concept that you end up thinking is much more ‘cool’.

We are not talking about exits / acquisitions here – that is a totally different kind of envy. We are also not talking about very simple ‘Why did I not think of that’ ideas, like the MDHP. We are talking about genuine ideas that we know we could have executed. The ideas that get all the attention because they are just so cool, and we know very well that it was something we had a very decent shot at.

Is concept envy a good thing?

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