Italy’s Borrowing Costs Inching Up Again

April 27, 2012 4:04 pm

One of our favorite spotting grounds here at Statspotting has been Italy’s borrowing costs. We had spotted some stats on Italy’s borrowing costs in the past (Read 6.64 Percent: Italy’s Borrowing Costs At A Euro-Era High) – we spotted this today:

” Italy’s borrowing costs rose to 5.84 percent at a benchmark 10-year bond auction on Friday, their highest level since January, after a credit ratings cut for Spain overnight added to markets’ concerns about the debt of weaker euro zone countries.

The two-notch downgrade by rating agency Standard & Poor’s weighed on euro zone bond markets ahead of the Italian sale, further increasing the cost the Treasury had to shoulder to sell 5.95 billion euros in bonds.”

Statistics Source: Reuters

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