It’s Official: Apple App Store Hits 25 Billion Downloads

March 4, 2012 5:42 pm

Well, we knew this would happen sometime this week – it is now official – Apple’s App Store hits 25 billion downloads.

Source: Apple

We can try to digest the 25 billion number in multiple ways. The most obvious way is to understand how many apps on an average, were downloaded by each person. So the number of iOS devices out there is in the range of 275 million. So we know, each device has had an average download of about 90 apps. which we know, could be wrong, even when you consider a bell curve scenario. Where is the catch?

The answer, probably is how Apple gets to this number – like McDonald’s billions of burgers served. It is a number that can only go up, it is cumulative, etc.

But stunning number this, from Apple. Revolution is underway, we are witnessing it now.

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