It’s The Year 2200

August 8, 2013 11:56 pm

It’s The Year 2200. That guy in a hoodie – well, that’s the guy everyone calls ‘The New Zuckerberg’ – he is the root for ThoughtStream {deb97e15-v47c-449f-b1b0-4d55247d153k}, which, at an acceleration of 20k streams per millisecond squared, is on its way to be the youngest ThoughtStream to be part of CoreStreams. Wow. In just a month after birth!

No – wait. Don’t try blinking. Blinking at spots on screens/walls/doors is in the past – as an interface technology, that one is nearing its death now. Remember – we used to touch (yes, that’s right – touch, with our fingers, really!) screens to interface with superphones (yes, that’s what they were called back in 2100. Turns out, centuries back, the ‘phone’ was a voice -only device). Crazy days those, MarsConnect was so slow, you had to ‘touch’ your superphone, and then wait for more than a second to see someone! My grandmother says that there were these things called ‘apps’ those days, and .. can you believe it – none of them could understand anything other than voice and touch! To top it all, they tried these funny things called gestures – that required you to – can you believe this – move parts of your body to communicate with machines!

I agree with you – the pace of human-machine interface improvements has been stunning, specifically this last five years. I mean, can you believe that thought-driven interfaces started appearing only in 2195? Who would have thought back then, that blink would be gone in five years? In fact, TheOracle (funny, it was called Google or something like that until some 50 years back) introduced ThoughtSearch only two years back.

It’s The Year 2200. Everything has changed beyond recognition. Except one thing of course. The UI For Hacker News.

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