‘App Store Can Be A Dangerous ChokePoint’ – Was Jimmy Wales Right?

January 19, 2011 3:41 am

(We had written this post when Apple had some 160 million devices in the market – today they have more than half-a-billion devices)

Here is Jimmy Wales:

According to Wales — who was quick to stress he was speaking in a purely personal capacity — set-ups such as the iTunes App Store can act as a “chokepoint that is very dangerous.” He said such it was time to ask if the model was “a threat to a diverse and open ecosystem” and made the argument that “we own [a] device, and we should control it.”

Source: tech.blorge

Is an iOS walled garden dangerous? We don’t know. But a for-profit corporate entity exercising such control over such a huge part of the Internet (remember, with these devices, the definition of Internet is changing as well) definitely is not the best of scenarios. With the jury still out on the mobile web vs apps debate, Apple’s toll plaza could be a big threat to openness on the Internet.

Jimmy Wales was probably right about the iTunes App Store being a dangerous chokepoint. Unfortunately, it just ‘disappears’ (leaving behind only the experience) these days, we don’t even realize it.

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