Jobs Statistics: 70,872 Software Developer Jobs Added Since 2010 In The US

December 16, 2012 12:49 pm

This is one stat we have been waiting to spot for quite some time now, particularly since everyone started saying, you are in a recession except if you write code. Here it is:

“Occupations requiring bachelor degrees that have produced the most jobs within the U.S., post-recession, include the following. More detailed information about each position is available in an EMSI blog post.

Software Developers (Applications and Systems Software): 70,872 jobs added since 2010, 7% growth
Accountants/Auditors: 37,123 jobs added since 2010, 3% growth.
Market Research Analysts/Marketing Specialists: 31,335 jobs added since 2010, 10% growth
Computer Systems Analysts: 26,937 jobs added since 2010, 5% growth”


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