‘Just Don’t Fit In’

January 19, 2013 3:55 am

This advice, which we picked up (mostly) from AirBnB founder Brian Chesky, is one that belongs in the same class as ‘Just Finish Everything‘ and ‘Learn To Hate The Status Quo

Just fitting in, basically means adapting to the status quo in some shape, which is a proven recipe for disaster as far as new ideas are concerned. The person who fits in, regardless of the domain or the organization, has zero to minimum chance of working even on incremental improvements to the system. Breakthrough ideas become an impossibility in a scenario where you try to fit in.

The great thing about the human mind is, generally it does not fit into a new environment without some conscious effort. So if you get the opportunity to be in a new environment, just do not fit in. By just doing this one thing – resisting the pressure both from the inside and the outside to fit in, you are basically placing yourself in a solid position to be the one to ‘see’ flaws in the system.

It might be awkard, and you might seem like an idiot for a while – but just do not fit in. It is the simplest possible way to broaden your surface area for positive black swans.

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