Manhattan: Housing Costs Are At 455.2 Percent of The National Average

February 18, 2013 11:01 am

Well all of us knew Manhattan housing is costlier than any other place in the US. Here is what we probably did not know: Groceries are at some 150 percent of the national average, and housing cost is at 455.2 percent of the national average. That is a huge, huge number – more than four times the national average for anything is an attention seeking number. And we spotted the following as well:

Category Manhattan Price as a Percentage of National Average

Composite 225.6%
Grocery 149.9%
Housing 455.2%
Utilities 129.0%
Transportation 123.5%
Health 129.4%
Miscellaneous 148.5%

Of course, the P&L would not be too bad: just look at the average salary in the securities industry

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