Mathematics Does Not Change

August 4, 2015 12:34 pm

It is getting increasingly difficult to keep up with technology. Programming languages, technology stacks, architecture patterns, devices – all of these are changing at an exponential pace. Skills gained by meticulous practice become more or less useless over time. It is a puzzle, but it is not a tough one to crack – you just need to change with the times. It is as simple as that.

It is also getting increasingly difficult to keep up with changes in any given domain. For examples, look at the impact of Bitcoin on the world of finance, or the impact of technology in healthcare overall. Again this one is easy to understand – any domain that is impacted by technology (which is just a different way of saying ‘all domains’) also changes exponentially. You can try and become a Subject Matter Expert – but the challenge is to remain one. And it is not that different from remaining a technology expert. Particularly these days.

Here is the piece that is guaranteed to last forever – Mathematics. Yes, tools and technology have had a profound impact here as well- but if you really think about it – if you look at any Technology-Domain-Math combination around you – you will realize this: Mathematics Does Not Change. For someone looking to build skills that will last a generation or more, that is a great thing to realize. Mathematics is underrated – but it does not change.

And here is the thing – Objective-C could be attractive and Python could be the in-thing today, but Mathematics adds the zeros when it matters.

Learn Mathematics. It is that rare skill that will last a lifetime.

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