MBA Statistics: ‘Grade Non-Disclosure’ Policy Has 22% Negative Impact

October 13, 2011 3:52 pm

We spotted this very interesting statistic today:

“Grade non-disclosure policies are a quirk of MBA programs. (The policy encourages students not to disclose their grades to employers until they’ve been hired).

You won’t find them in medical or law school. In fact, the only place you do find them is among top business schools. Of the 15 most selective MBA programs, 9 of them have some form of a grade non-disclosure policy. But of the schools ranked from 20 to 50, none do.

According to a Wharton Journal article, surveys showed a 22% decline in the time students spent on academics during the first four years after the school passes a grade non-disclosure policy.”

Statistics Source: Freakanomics

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