Meet India’s Uber:

October 28, 2013 1:40 am

What cabs are to the US, auto-rickshaws are to India. So India’s Uber is definitely not Uber – it is

“As citizens that relied on finding an auto-rickshaw on time, locating a driver that was willing to take them to their destination without having to argue over fares especially during the night or non-peak times, they learned there were thousands of dissatisfied commuters that like themselves faced problems with getting a rickshaw when they needed one.

On researching the situation further and conducting some in-depth surveys, they not only found what annoys customers the most but also learnt the auto-rickshaw drivers were unhappy about not being able to find enough customers, find stability in their earnings and more.

Turning a problem into an opportunity Mukesh and Janardhan set to work brain storming on how they could use technology, communications, IT systems and services that could bridge the gap between commuters and rickshaw drivers.

Meet India’s Uber:

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