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March 13, 2013 1:37 pm

(This is a guest post from our sponsor, Domo)

“I Have Data, But What Does It Mean?”

Data. It’s everything to every business professional out there.

But if you are like most execs, your data is buried under disparate logins, emails, spreadsheets and unrelated graphs. Before you can put the data to work, you have a significant amount of work just to get it—which is why you have IT or someone else get data for you.

When Josh James was longtime CEO at Omniture, he had data sources galore; but he didn’t have a way to bring them together to tell the full story of what was happening in the company. Business intelligence was cumbersome, time consuming and outdated. He wanted a dashboard that reported in real time and connected all of the data sources in a single place where the numbers could really talk.

Haven’t seen one of those lying around recently? Neither did we. Until now.

Josh James had the idea to create the most robust, accessible data-reporting solution for CEOs and non-IT professionals that the market has ever seen. The result is a reporting dashboard that makes the data make sense. We call it Domo.

Domo is redefining business intelligence with a platform built to display every department’s stats from any data source—Eloqua, Salesforce, Adobe Site Catalyst, QuickBooks, Volusion, you name it—in a customizable, plug-and-play dashboard with real-time updates. You can even put a monetary value to the opportunities created and the time you have saved from not running reports.

Domo’s executive management platform gives you all of your business data, in one place, in real time, and on any device. After you plug in all of your data sources, you can immediately see correlations such as those between social media and web traffic, the impact of HR initiatives on sales numbers, and the financial results of specific marketing campaigns. It’s all there—every stat you want to see from every part of the company in its purest form. Now that’s what we call agile business intelligence.

Suddenly, the numbers start making sense. And so does Domo.

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