Mobile Advertising Statistics: $11.4 Billion Revenue Projected For 2013

January 17, 2013 11:56 am

Mobile advertising has been a challenge for many. It is not just the fact that the fat finger problem is widespread – it is also an issue, that given the multitude of devices, the advertisers are at a loss as well, when it comes to making the right ad. We had spotted some mcommerce stats in the past – we spotted some stats on mobile advertising today – the total market is projected to grow to 11.4 billion usd, with Asia Pacific leading the pack in terms of growth (Source)

How do we digest this stat? We need to remember two things – in India and China, people are accessing the Internet more from mobile devices than from desktops – read The Anomaly Called India and China Mobile Internet Statistics. That is one factor. The other factor that will help us digest this stat, is the fact that many ad-revenue based companies are increasing their efforts on mobile. Interesting times ahead.

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