Mobile Phone Statistics: Apple Has 8.8 Percent Marketshare And 73 Percent of Profits

May 4, 2012 1:03 pm

We have been tracking this trend for some time now – how Apple has actually reinvented the phone industry – the stats are in a way surprising – if you consider the overall cellphone market (not just smartphones) Apple has a solid proportion of the profits (roughly three fourths of ALL mobile phone profits) but less than 10 percent marketshare. We had spotted similar cellphone industry stats before as well. We spotted this today:

” Asymco’s Horace Dediu on Thursday updated his quarterly review of mobile phone profits, and the news for everyone but Apple (AAPL) and Samsung is not good.
Apple is in roughly the same position it was last quarter, with an 8.8% share of the market in terms of units shipped (according to IDC) and a share of profits (according to Dediu) down two percentage points to 73%.
Samsung, riding the Google (GOOG) Android juggernaut, grew its market share (by units shipped) to 23.5%, up 35.4% year over year, and its share of the profits to 26%.”

Statistics Source: Fortune Tech

When you try to digest this stat, do remember that the marketshare is based on number of units shipped and not dollar revenue.

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