Mobile Statistics: All The Stats You Need In Under 2 Minutes

December 27, 2012 4:27 pm

We had written an E-commerce statistics digest recently – this one is on similar lines, but for mobile phones:

1. Smartphone Numbers: Global smartphone shipments projected to increase by 45.1 percent in 2012, to 717.5 million units (out of 1.7 billion total mobile phones).

2. Where Is The Growth? A big portion of that growth happened in China, accounting for 26.5 percent of the global smartphone market, rising from 18.3 percent last year and surpassing the U.S. as the world’s biggest market.

3. Operating Systems: Android was by far the dominant operating system on smartphones shipped in 2012, claiming 68.3 percent of the market.

4. Marketshares: Samsung was the world’s leader in shipments this year. Market research firm IHS iSuppli projects Samsung will have accounted for 28 percent of new smartphone shipments in 2012, with Apple in second place at 20 percent. In 2011, Samsung’s share was 20 percent, to Apple’s 19 percent.

Source: IDC via MIT Technology Review

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