No Problem Is Ever ‘Solved’

May 3, 2015 6:28 pm

Most of us thought that the communication problem was ‘solved’ with EMail and Chat. Then came Facebook and Twitter. Many of us believed that Facebook and Twitter had solved the problem of communication. Then came Whatsapp. Most of us believed that the communication problem was finally solved with Whatsapp. Then came Meerkat.

The popular opinion was that the instant photo-sharing problem was ‘solved’ – a done deal – with Instagram. Then came Snapchat. If you thought that the photo-sharing problem was solved with Instagram and Snapchat and the like, you were wrong yet again. The photo-sharing problem is alive and kicking.

There is always an N+1. You know, back in 1998, many people thought that Internet Search was a solved problem. Guess what, most of us think that Internet Search is a solved problem today.

No problem is ever solved. Happy problem solving!

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