Nostalgia As A Business Model

March 17, 2013 5:39 am

I was reading through Fred’s post ‘Back in the day’ when it struck me – Nostalgia is something every human being is willing to spend some time, effort and attention on – it is the rare thing that one does not consider as ‘intrusion’ – on the contrary, everyone seems to enjoy participating in it. Of course, with the right ‘group’. Has this interest been tapped by any business models that you know of?

We are not suggesting variants – like an Instagram with a nostalgia flavor for instance – we are suggesting more dedicated business models that directly tap into this interest in nostalgia that everyone seems to share. So for example, if I were to land on a website today that highlights stuff that reminds me of my high school days (TV shows, music, devices – anything), my 5 minute attention span is guaranteed for the service. And I will share it with everyone I know who I think would enjoy such stuff.

How do I know Nostalgia works? Because I have seen these groups emerge once in a while on social networks, and some email chains – that send some stuff from 10-15 years back that basically just goes viral and everyone shares it with everyone they know.

Has Nostalgia been completely explored as a business model? Do you know of any specific examples?

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