NYT Paywall Statistics: It Is Definitely Working

August 12, 2011 4:00 pm

We have written about NYT Paywall stats before – we spotted this today:

“The internal projections have been closely held, but several people have confirmed that the goal was to amass 300,000 online subscribers within a year of launch. On Thursday, the company announced that after just four months, 224,000 users were paying for access to the paper’s website. Combined with the 57,000 Kindle and Nook readers who were paying for subscriptions and the roughly 100,000 users whose digital access was sponsored by Ford’s Lincoln division, that meant the paper had monetized close to 400,000 online users. (Another 756,000 print subscribers have registered their accounts on the Times’ website.)”

Statistics Source: Reuters

There are quite a few interesting stats there, but the summary is this: the NYT paywall is definitely working.

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