Online Gambling Reaching The Masses – Is That A Good Thing?

February 26, 2013 3:25 am

It has always been a grey area – but a very profitable one at that. I mean how can you not be in a business, where people just walk in / log in, and pay you money, and leave ? That is precisely why it is a heavily regulated business. But when the regulatory environment gets cleared up, and you are a company in trouble, this becomes a very attractive business to get into. This could be your silver bullet.

That pretty much explains Zynga’s movement into online gambling, and the announcement from Mark Pincus on ‘bringing gambling to the masses’ (Source). He says that the target is to make gambling games social. Zynga would start this in the UK.

The tricky part is this: even if you could make it social, gambling remains what it is: a representation of greed. Fear and anxiety will all be part of the mix, and making it social will not take it away. What is worse, serious gamblers would just use the ‘gambling part’ and configure themselves out of the social part. What we will have soon, is a scenario where anyone can gamble away how much ever they can, with no equivalent of a “Gambling Problems? Call 1-800 .. ” and other such mechanisms from the offline world.

This is no doubt a very smart business move from Zynga. Is it good for the masses?

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