Opera Statistics: Browser Now Has 300 Million Users Across Devices

February 14, 2013 11:37 am

Millions and Billions – not getting lost is the goal for us here at Statspotting. Browser wars has not been something we had tracked very closely – other than the occasional browser downloads per second when a new version is released – we had tracked some stats on Firefox quite some time back – specifically, on how the profitability was very low – we spotted this stat today, that the Opera browser has seen some very significant growth in the past few months, across devices – and the total now stands at a solid 300 million users (Source)

How do we digest this number? Well, with half-a-billion android and half-a-billion iOS devices out there, this number does look substantial, particularly for a browser that does not enjoy the kind of ‘default’ privilege that other browsers enjoy. It is a solid number for Opera.

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