Paul Vs Paul: Fundraising and YC VC

November 27, 2012 3:56 pm

Paul Graham, August 2008:

“I advise approaching fundraising as if it were always going badly. The reason is that between your ability to delude yourself and the wildly unstable nature of the system you’re dealing with, things probably either already are or could easily become much worse than they seem.”

Paul Graham, November 2012

“We’re decreasing the amount invested because experience showed $150k was too much. It’s good for startups to get some amount of investment automatically; it lets them continue working on ideas that still look like ugly ducklings on Demo Day. But $150k was more than the successful startups needed, and it sometimes caused messy disputes in the unsuccessful ones. Switching from $150k to $80k may not completely eliminate such problems, but it will make them at most half as bad.”

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