PC Gaming Stats: 35 Percent Of Global PC Gaming Revenue Comes From China

March 28, 2013 2:14 pm

‘Disproportionate’ – when we spot something that fits that description, it is a prime candidate for a post here at Statspotting. We spotted this stat today, that worldwide PC gaming revenue was some 20 billion dollars in 2012, and China contributed to 6.8 billion dollars of that number. That is definitely disproportionate, and the reason attributed is this: an expanding economy where gaming consoles are hard to come by (Source)

How do we digest this stat? Well this one is a little strange. The platform (PC) is actually showing a downward trend. There are some factors – like some high end console games getting replicated in PCs – that could be the reason here. But China’s numbers – given that it is a very cost conscious market – could actually be a trend.

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