$25 Billion: Purchases Made From Phones And Tablets In 2012

January 13, 2013 3:07 am

We had spotted multiple mcommerce stats in the past. Clearly, what used to be just a ‘research the product’ device is slowly turning into a huge sales monster – maybe it is due to the bigger screens, we dont know. We spotted this stat today, that actual purchases made from phones and tablets touched a record 25 billion dollars in 2012 – an 81 percent jump from the previous year (Source)

How do we digest these numbers? Let us refer to our ecommerce pocket guide – globally, ecommerce is running at a 500 billion annual rate, and US ecommerce is around 200 billion. So now that is some guideline to digest this – mobile commerce is at some 10 percent levels. That makes sense. What will surprise us though, will be the pace. This would soon become say 30 percent for example.

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