Pocket Statistics: 10.4 Items Saved To Pocket Every Second

December 20, 2012 1:55 pm

Do we actually read it later? We don’t know. But Pocket capitalizes on the intent to read stuff later – or watch stuff later – we spotted some very interesting stats on the save it later service, Pocket:

1. The service has seen its user base nearly double, rising from 4.5 million users in April to 7.4 million today.
2. Between January and December, items have been saved more then 240 million times
3. Most users access Pocket on their computer (28 percent), Apple’s iOS is the most popular mobile platform overall with 37 percent of users using an iPhone (21 percent) or iPad (16 percent). Android follows closely with 35 percent overall, smartphones leading the way with a 25 percent share and tablets with 10 percent.


Did you save this for later?

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