Product Vs Service: James Altucher Vs Mark Suster

April 29, 2011 5:44 am

We all get conflicting perspectives, suggestions and ideas all the time. But this particular set of strong, contradictory suggestions came in so close to each other, we couldn’t help but wonder, who exactly is fooled by randomness here: Mark Suster, James Altucher, or the readers.

Here is Mark Suster this week on Techcrunch – “What Should You Do With Your Crappy Little Services Business?”

“And stop effing around trying to create a product company. Trying to turn a successful services business into a product business is getting the cart before the horse.”

More here

And here is James Altucher on Freakanomics Blog:

“If you are offering a service, call it a product. Oracle did it. They claimed they had a database. But if you “bought” their database they would send in a team of consultants to help you “install” the database to fit your needs. In other words, for the first several years of their existence, they claimed to have a product but they really were a consulting company. Don’t forget this story. Products are valued higher than services.”

Confused? We are confused too.

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