Quora’s Motto: ‘Don’t Be Good’ ?

February 4, 2013 9:20 am

From Wikipedia:

“D’Angelo resigned from his position at Facebook in January 2010 to create Quora.[6] He said that he and Cheever were inspired to create Quora because “we thought that Q & A is one of those areas on the Internet where there are a lot of sites, but no one had come along and built something that was really good yet.” (Source)

It was a great site, with very valuable answers across domains (it had a strong user base in silicon valley) – a rapidly growing social network built on the premise of Q&A – you could follow topics, questions, people, groups – all great stuff. Great.

Until one day, when the great minds at Quora suddenly told themselves that enough was enough, and changed the motto to something like ‘Don’t Be Good’. It looks like the company just figured that they could force anyone looking for an answer to a question to do anything: register on the site, download the app – anything – basically you just have to convince the poor guy looking for an answer, that the answer is indeed there, but he needs to do XYZ to see it.

Don’t Be Good. ‘You must be signed in to read this answer’. ‘You need the app to read all the answers’. Why don’t they just ask you to click on ads to read answers? Just pull out that Joel Spolsky deck explaining Stackoverflow, open the slide on what is wrong about all existing Q&A sites and add ‘Quora’ to it in big bold red font.

Great going Quora. Don’t Be Good.

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4 Comments for “Quora’s Motto: ‘Don’t Be Good’ ?”

  1. Piskvor

    This scenario sounds very familiar; in fact, it’s ExpertSexChange all over again.

  2. KM

    Quora is run by the biggest group of arrogant assholes on the Net. Pardon my French.

  3. junior

    Had never seen that. Is it for real?

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