Facebook’s 2012 YTD Revenue: What Taobao.com Sold In One Day

November 13, 2012 1:30 pm

Agreed, comparing apples and oranges is stupid. But since Facebook is also selling stuff these days, and we have all heard the funnel stuff, here it is: “Two days ago the Chinese website taobao.com held a discount promotion to celebrate what’s known as ‘double sticks day’ in China. In a single 24hr period, they conducted 19bn RMB (US$3.06bn) of business.” (Source) – By comparison, Facebook has cheered investors with the following revenue figures in 2012 so far:

1.06 Billion Q1
1.18 Billion Q2
1.26 Billion Q3


How do we digest these numbers? Should we even try? Yes, Facebook is blocked in China. They are not into discount commerce. This is an outlier data point. FB is trying to monetize mobile. Anything else?

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