Samsung Galaxy S II: More Than 6 Million Handsets Sold

July 24, 2011 3:31 am

We have written about smartphone statistics before. We had also written about the number of Samsung Galaxy phones sold. We spotted this today:

“There’s no stopping the Galaxy S II. After having sold over 3 million handsets in just 55 days, Samsung is now reporting sales of over 6 million Galaxy S II mobiles in less than three months.

With US release scheduled for this summer, the Galaxy S II could well top 10 million handset sales before the end of the year. It could even outstrip the original Galaxy S, which clocked up approximately 14 million sales in less than a year.”

Statistics Source: Digital Versus

How do we digest this number? Let us try this: the smartphone sales projections for the whole of 2011 is about 400 million. Assuming a 100 million iPhones in that lot, the Samsung Galaxy II has a significant chunk of the rest – 15 Million of 300 Million. For one phone that is not an iPhone, thats a lot.

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