Seriously, Shouldn’t Facebook Be Paying Us?

August 2, 2013 11:21 pm

In a meeting with financial analysts a few years back, then Google CEO Eric Schmidt was asked a very simple (given the audience) question: “Why should I see advertisements on Google” for which he responded with this: “See – all the services that you use for free – we need to pay for those servers and the people who maintain those – so we show you ads” – someone must have followed that up with a discussion on gross margins and cutting down ads in half to improve user experience but luckily for Eric, nobody went there.

Facebook is on a roll these days – just look at their numbers. But here is a simple question for Facebook: agreed, you give us all that wonderful, fast, efficient ways to connect and share, but given the fact that we are the product that you are selling – shouldn’t you be paying us some share of all those millions? Think about it this way: Wikipedia doesn’t make a killing using my content – although they could – I see them ask for Money once in a while – agreed, my content on Facebook is not useful to the world and hence it is not an apples to apples comparison, but what is being sold – what brings people to Facebook – is actually people’s own content.

Google helps us search for needles in a haystack. We don’t mind being the product. But there are a zillion ways for us to connect and share stuff – Shouldn’t Facebook Be Paying Us for choosing their bar?

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