Should Apple Just Break Itself Into Two Companies?

December 9, 2012 7:44 am

We’ll keep this argument very simple. AAPL is down some 24 percent since September. That is a loss of hundreds of billions of dollars in market value (some 130 billion dollars or so). The best explanation for this drop so far comes from PandoDaily.

“And that gets to the real reason behind Apple’s stock blues. Its market cap had gotten just too freaking big. Fund managers don’t like having too high a percentage of their holdings in a single company, even if that company is Apple. They diversify to limit the risk of one company tumbling. Because, should Apple’s stock start to drop, it has a disproportionately large effect on their fund’s performance. And Apple’s stock is dropping.”

Source: PandoDaily

Is Apple a company with two parts each worth half-a-trillion dollars, trading overall at half-a-trillion dollars? You can split it in multiple ways – but have we reached a point where the valuation drops due to operational limitations of investors far exceed the benefits of remaining as one big company?

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  1. ViperHockey

    Or more likely, the stock price is being manipulated between earnings releases when powerful people know that Apple won’t refute rumors. There is no law of big numbers, just enough people who have figured out a way to move a stock price in the absence of real data.

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