Smartphone Statistics: Apple Now Has 51 Percent Marketshare In The US

January 23, 2013 1:17 pm

Okay, we read those reports too, the ones that said Android is the big winner of 2012. In fact, we had even spotted a neat-sounding stat – that there are more than a billion android devices on the planet now. But we spotted this stat today, that the huge success of the iPhone5 means that Apple now has more than 51 percent marketshare in the US smartphone market. (Source)

How do we digest this stat? First, it is an important stat to know, since we now know every second smartphone person in the US is on the Apple ecosystem. Second, this increase in marketshare is coming from people ‘switching’ from other smartphones primarily (36 percent overall, 19 percent switching from Android). That takes the battle to the new smartphone users – which ones are they buying and why?

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