SnapChat’s N+1: What Would That Be ?

February 12, 2013 11:51 am

We had originally borrowed the N+1 concept from Fred Wilson:

“The N+1 Theory states that there is always one more of anything. I have found that most of the time, there is always more where you think there is nothing left. You may have to look a little harder/deeper but it is there.”

We had wondered some time back, on what would be Twitter’s N+1. Obviously, that had multiple N+1s in different dimensions – Instagram was one of that. If you logically think about Instagram’s N+1, by changing the content that is shared you would get Viddy, Vine etc and by changing the behavior of the content, you would get SnapChat (‘content can behave’ is in itself kind of new. In SnapChat’s case, it disappears after some time. Like the ‘Mission Impossible’ messages).

And by N+1 law, SnapChat has to have an N+1. What would it be?
(Remember, SnapChat is already trying out Video in private beta so that dimension is out)

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