Stolen Laptops: Enterprises Lose 3.9 Billion USD A Year

April 24, 2011 4:44 pm

We spotted what we think is a huge number – in the US and Europe, 3.9 Billion dollars have been lost in the last 12 months due to laptop theft.

“Economic impact included the cost of replacing the physical laptop; lost productivity; and legal, regulatory and consulting expenses and costs related to detection, forensics and data breach. The replacement cost of the device was actually the smallest component, the researchers said.

When the resulting losses from the European study are combined with the U.S. one, the total damages balloon to $3.9 billion across almost 160,000 lost laptops in the space of one year, Patrick Ward wrote on an Intel blog.”

Statistics Source: Channel Insider

Special Mention: “Last month, oil giant British Petroleum announced that an employee had lost a company-issued laptop during regular business travel. The laptop, which was not encrypted, contained sensitive information on 13,000 individuals who had filed compensations claims after the disastrous April 2010 fire and oil spill at the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Based on figures from a recent Ponemon report calculating the costs of a data breach, this one laptop incident alone may cost BP in the neighborhood of $2.78 million.”

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