Stunning: UK Spends 1 Percent Of Its Entire GDP Just On Government IT

December 21, 2012 11:35 am

We thought, that just doesn’t make sense – we do not have comparable numbers from other developed economies, but we can bet it is not this high. We spotted this stat today:

“the UK spends one percent of the country’s entire GDP just on government IT — “on pushing paper around in government,” as he put it. It’s a number so huge that several reporters have assumed he must have meant IT spending throughout the economy, but I’ve checked and this figure is the public sector proportion alone — in the region of £14 billion ($22.7bn) a year. Around £1.2bn ($2bn) alone is spent just on hosting.”


Just look at the hosting number. 2 Billion USDs ! We thought we knew how big the cloud is – but really, we had no idea!

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