Tablet Statistics: 10? Tablets Have a 39-Percent Higher Consumption Rate Than 7? Tablets

April 27, 2012 10:45 pm

We had spotted multiple tablet statistics in the past. We spotted this today:

“Tablet adoption among U.S. consumers continues to climb as more devices appealing to various price and feature preferences are introduced to the market. Screen size is perhaps the most outwardly apparent differentiator between devices, with the market offering consumers a wide variety of options such as the 10? Apple iPad, 9? Sony S1, 7? Amazon Kindle Fire and 5? Dell Streak. Analysis of page view consumption by screen size found a strong positive association between screen size and content consumption. Specifically, 10? tablets have a 39-percent higher consumption rate than 7? tablets and a 58-percent higher rate than 5? tablets.”

Statistics Source: Comscore

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