Tablet Statistics – iPad:Kindle:Galaxy:Surface = 100:5:3:0.22

December 28, 2012 1:12 pm

Tablet Statistics prove that they are fast becoming the devices of this generation – and the rate of growth is obviously phenomenal. It is the personal computing device of choice for this decade, and the numbers clearly show that. Here is a quick 30 second stat, to help us digest the tablet landscape. This stat is on the pageviews from various tablets, and in addition to sales, gives us an idea of the tablet usage as well.

The iPad has always been the dominant tablet, and in terms of pageviews from devices, it has always been total domination – we had spotted this stat – iPad Owns 97 Percent of US Tablet Traffic – and very encouraging stats on purchasing behavior from iPad as well – we spotted another interesting stat today – that for every 100 pageviews from the iPad, Kindle generates 5 pageviews, Galaxy generates 3, and the Microsoft Surface generates just 0.22 pageviews (Source)

Like Bing, Microsoft is investing heavily on the Surface family of devices. Similar to Bing, it would definitely show gains in marketshare. But we dont think that would change the big picture a lot – it might gain a few percentage points, but it would be a herculean task to pull away any meaningful marketshare from the leaders in the segment today. Dangerously for Amazon and Microsoft though, commerce seems to be picking up on the iPad as well, and that us definitely a cause for concern. Apple doesnt collect a toll on tab commerce today, but it might get in some variant of a toll.

So how do we summarize this in one line? Lets try this: Tablet = iPad. That has not changed yet.

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