The One Idea That Just Does Not Go Away

January 2, 2013 2:58 pm

There are many startup/project ideas that come our way – they share many traits – solving a pain point, utilizes new technology, will make people’s life easier, and so on. But if you look carefully, there would be some ideas that share a peculiar trait – they hit you more than once. Your mind evaluates those ideas more than once, twice or even thrice. In many cases, your mind will go back to the idea even when there is no immediate trigger to take your mind there (e.g. if you are asking yourself ‘why did i think about it now’ at any point in time – those are the ones we are talking about)

When that happens, note it down and analyze it carefully. The ideas that come back – these are strong candidates to be the final idea that you work on. And the one idea that just does not go away – and you will know this since you just cannot erase it – that is THE one.

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