Slow Down

December 21, 2012 1:00 pm

I tried searching for the link, but couldn’t locate it. It was a post titled “advice for entrepreneurs” or something like that. And the first advice was this: “Slow Down”. It was so counter-intuitive, that I went on to read the complete post twice.

I can tell you, that has been the best advice I received, in the whole of last year. Once you take a decision to slow down (even if it for a small duration, say couple of weeks), it changes your thought process in more ways than you can imagine. Keep saying ‘Slow Down’ to yourself for a few days and you will see a very positive change in your decision making process, and overall execution. It helps you put things into perspective, actually very quickly.

And here is the trick: you don’t even have to actually slow down – the very fact that you are trying to slow down suddenly takes so much pressure off enabling you to continue at your actual pace with much better results.

You need to try it to believe it. Slow Down.

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