The Best Product Does Not Always Win

December 26, 2012 11:53 am

We had suspected this all along – but like many things tech, it is not wisdom unless a VC states it.

So here it is. If you thought that the best product always wins, you are probably wrong. According to Ben Horowitz, the product need not be the ‘best’ in its category to win initially – there are multiple other factors that decides which product wins in the market – but once it becomes a winning product, it then BECOMES the best product because of the attention, support and everything else it receives because it is the winning product.

We can easily imagine the mechanics of how this would play out – and we can actually see multiple examples of this happening in the market as well. Even though there is some bitterness from the browser wars that is evident in Ben’s statement, we all know that Ben is right – The Best Product Does Not Always Win. For those of us who look at a product and think that the win was deserved, we are looking at a product that has BECOME the best product AFTER it became the winning product.

(We actually spotted this in a PandoDaily Ben Horowitz interview here. You need to go just past 30 minutes to hear this particular point)

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