The Fastest Growing Economy In The World

June 1, 2011 10:09 am

For us, this was a classic Did You Know moment – we have written about India’s GDP Growth and other Indian GDP statistics, and China’s Economy as well – we spotted this today –

“In 2010, Qatar was the fastest growing economy in the world – ahead of Singapore and Turkmenistan, with a real GDP growth rate of 19.40 percent. Since 2008, Qatar has been consistently ranked among the top three fastest growing economies in the world. Analysts believe Qatar will continue its double-digit growth trend for the next few years on the back of rising oil and natural gas prices.

Qatar’s oil and natural gas industries account for 50 percent of GDP, 85 percent of export earnings and 70 percent of the government’s revenue. According to 2010 statistics, Qatar produced 76.98 billion cubic metres of natural gas and an average of 1.213 million barrels of oil per day.”

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