The New Normal: A probabilistic data-driven life

September 26, 2013 12:08 am

Here is a trend we cannot run away from – very soon most of our decisions would be data driven. If you think that is already the case, you are mistaken. Today, data plays an important role in our decisions, but does not drive our decisions. And most data is incomplete in multiple ways and our gut feel fills in for all the inaccuracies and gaps. But that is changing – and very rapidly as well. Fairly soon, the smartphone and the data that it could bring up would drive our decisions.

That famous example of deciding between which route to pick on the way back from office – decisions like that would soon be decided by “what is the probability that if I pick Route A, I would reach faster” rather than by your gut feel, or incomplete traffic data. That’s the new world. Get used to it.

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