The Single Most Important Reason For Facebook’s Success

December 17, 2012 5:05 pm

We had read about this particular point some years before, and it came back to us strongly today, with the role played by a Facebook page in getting the media to wrongly identify Ryan Lanza as the Sandy Hook shooter. The question is this:

“How did Facebook convince us to use our real names on”

If you put everything aside for a moment and think about this, you will realize that this is the single most important reason for Facebook’s success. Not the platform, not the scale, not the social graph. The social graph would not exist if we did not use our real names.

(One could also make an argument that this is also the single most important problem point for Facebook – for instance, the Ryan Lanza incident).

Before Facebook, we used to be pretty smart about ourselves online – we were jingoboy123, greenstone18 etc. Why did we use our actual names on Facebook?

Do you know how Facebook convinced us to do this?

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