The Time And Money Spent on Apps – Where Do They Come From?

December 8, 2012 3:04 pm

In the Q&A after Mary Meeker’s D10 interview, there was one question on which activity is taking a financial hit to give us that extra cash to spend on Apps – we can actually extend that question into two separate questions:

1. We know that a significant amount of money is spent on Apps every year – personally, when you spend money on an App, where do you think that money is coming from? Or, is it just the fact that the amount is less (1.99 for example) you do not think in those lines? (for example, we have compared App store revenues to Starbucks revenues in the past)

2. We now know that we spend a significant amount of time on Apps as well. Where does that time come from? Personally, which activity has taken a hit?

Mary Meeker pointed out that “we are all going out less and are spending more time indoors” or something to that effect – now that can explain both our questions, but that might not be it. What do you think?

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